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October 10, 2017

08:25 ~ 08:30  Welcome and Opening


08:30 ~ 10:30 Technical Session 1, Session Chair: Prof. Shao-Yu Lien

Chun-Han Yao; Yin-Yi Chen;

Biswa PS Sahoo; Hung-Yu Wei

Outage Reduction with Joint Scheduling and Power Allocation in 5G mmWave Cellular Networks

Minho Kim; Seung-Woo Ko;

Seong-Lyun Kim

Enhancing TCP End-to-End Performance in Millimeter-Wave Communications

Soojung Jung; SeungKwon Baek

A Contention-based Initial Beam Search Scheme for mmWave Cellular Communications

Yu-Jia Chen; Li-Yu Cheng;

Li-Chun Wang

Prioritized Resource Reservation for Reducing Random Access Delay in 5G URLLC

Mohammad Moltafet; Nader Mokari;

Mohammad Reza Javan;

Hamid Saeedi; Hossein Pishro-Nik

PSMA for 5G: Network Throughput Analysis



13:00 ~ 15:00 Technical Session 2, Session Chair: Shao-Yu Lien

Wooram Shin; Gi Yoon Park;

Gerhard Wunder;

SeungKwon Baek; Joonhyuk Kang

Generalized Subband-Filtered and Pulse-Shaped Multicarrier for Quasi-Synchronous Uplink Access

Aman Sikri; K Venkata Srinivas

Precoding for Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing with Linear Receivers

Marcin Pikus; Wen Xu

Applying Bit-level Probabilistically Shaped Coded Modulation for High-throughput Communications

Quang-Tuan Thieu; Chun Wang;

Chun-Hsiung Wang; Hung-Yun Hsieh

Design and Implementation of NOMA Subband Scheduling Towards Larger Bandwidth Beyond LTE-A

Saeed Afrasiabi-Gorgani;

Gerhard Wunder; Wooram Shin

Precoded OFDM for Asynchronous Uplink with Transparency to OFDM Receiver


16:30 ~ 18:30 Technical Session 3, Session Chair: Prof. Shao-Yu Lien

Mohammed Jasim; Adel Aldalbahi;

Abdallah A Khreishah; Nasir Ghani

Hooke Jeeves Search Method for Initial Beam Access in 5G mmWave Cellular Networks

Hao Guo; Behrooz Makki;

Tommy Svensson

A Comparison of Beam Refinement Algorithms for Millimeter Wave Initial Access

Min Jiang; Zhongwei Si

Improved Spatially-Coupled Multiuser Transmission via Constellation Rotation

Diomidis S. Michalopoulos; Mark Doll; Vincenzo Sciancalepore; Dario Bega; Peter Schneider; Peter Rost

Network Slicing via Function Decomposition and Flexible Network Design

Lei Zhang; Chang He; Juquan Mao;

Ayesha Ijaz; Pei Xiao

Channel Estimation and Optimal Pilot Signals for Universal Filtered Multi-carrier (UFMC) Systems


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